Vibrational Essence I Am Wo-man

Vibrational Essence I Am Wo-man

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What does a vibrational essence do for us? It re-balances us back to who we truly are. It doesn't change us. It brings us back to our unique selves. It resonates with who we are and re-tunes us like a tuning fork, on a vibrational level. There is nothing solid about us. We, our physical, spiritual and emotional selves, are always moving and changing. Upgrade yourself on a vibrational level by balancing negativity out and exposing the wonderful you, with flower and crystal essences.

I am wo-man essence, is for men and women alike. 
The flowers in this unique flower essence combination helps to restore emotional and physical balance. It helps you cope with emotional pain, confusion and resentment.

It is helpful for those who have history in been abused.

For when you are confused and don't know what to do next, for remaining true to yourself, for releasing old trauma that is holding you back.

For inner certainty, for not letting yourself be pushed aside by people or circumstances. For following your path in purity, for softening that which has become hardened, for letting the unique person you are, be seen by the outside world. For balancing hormones, these flowers switch on your glands. It helps to ease symptoms of menopause.

For strengthening the inner-self, a warming and empowering essence for those who feel vulnerable without having the power to transform their vulnerabilities. It will give you the power to work with them. It strengthens the link with the feminine force and the earth, increases inner quality of love. Calms extreme sexuality, helpful when you cannot sleep after a busy day.

Frankincense, calming and can increase your inner strength.

Cypress, promotes vitality and energy