Vibrational Essence Abundance

Vibrational Essence Abundance

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What does a vibrational essence do for us? It re-balances us back to who we truly are. It doesn't change us. It brings us back to our unique selves. It resonates with who we are and re-tunes us like a tuning fork, on a vibrational level. There is nothing solid about us. We, our physical, spiritual and emotional selves, are always moving and changing. Upgrade yourself on a vibrational level by balancing negativity out and exposing the wonderful you, with flower and crystal essences.

Abundance in everything..

This remedy can be used by everyone. We all have inherited and childhood patterns and beliefs to do with money, love, things and deserving. The flowers in this remedy will give insight into self sabotage and reasons for having difficulty with receiving. For feelings of greed, rigidity and fear of lack.

The clearing of this will encourage sharing, belief in abundance and universal trust in knowing that you already have abundant provision available to you, in all things.

This remedy opens you to all potential. 
It is for being creatively inspired and finding your courage. This essence clears creative blocks and helps you find the solutions to all your life pursuits.

Fragonia flower for balancing, calming, relaxing, freeing of stress and blockages, makes peace on the inside, decreases anxiety.

Chamomile for all things anti. 
Antispasmodic, antiseptic, antibiotic, antidepressant, analgesic, etc..