Supre Multi Purpose Cleaner - Eucalyptus

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A gentle, yet powerful naturally derived cleaning solution for wiping away greasy contaminations quickly and easily. Offers superior cleaning performance without the harsh odours or toxic residues of ordinary household cleaners.

• Available in two fresh fragrance varieties - Grapefruit and Palmarosa (essential oil based fragrance) or Eucalyptus (essential oil).
• Ideal for a wide range of greasy and difficult cleaning jobs.
• Ideal for use on a variety of sound hard surfaces such as stove tops, tiles, bench tops, laminate, ovens, paintwork, and outdoor areas.
• Highly efficient - no hard rubbing or scrubbing for most soils.

*Note - Express Range bottles are not designed for refilling. Any attempt to refill them may compromise the stability of the bottle. Durable reusable polyspray bottles are available for the purpose of safely diluting concentrates.

**1L disinfectant concentrate makes up 20L professional grade disinfectant**

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