Relaxation Eye Pillows | HERBAL BLEND

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More about our refresh blend for our eye pillows
Herbal aromatherapy is a wonderful natural way to get the gentle benefits. Made with peppermint, marjoram, eucalyptus and spearmint, our refresh blend is uplifting and refreshing. Perfect to use after a long day to reinvigorate the senses. A soothing alternative that can help if you have a headache, migraine or tension. Especially helpful after a long day looking at screens.

Product Details
Filled with organic flaxseed and herbs to approximately 190g
Handmade – some variations to print and creation may exist
Use at room temperature or cool in freezer prior to use
Do not heat (the skin around your eyes is very delicate and this may cause damage; additionally it is not recommended to heat herbs due to the risk of fire)
Do not apply essential oils directly to fabric
Size – approximately 10cm x 25 cm
Store in a cool dark spot
Do not wash, spot clean if necessary

More about the material used for our eye pillows.

The fabric used to create these pillows are made from cotton scraps. The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters to our environment due to excessive chemical use and large amounts of water used to produce the cotton. The cotton scraps are ground back to fibres and re-spun into fabric saving new crops from having to be grown.

The cotton material is then dyed using botanical dyes linked to ancestral techniques with no harm to the environment or workers health. It is time intensive taking over 3 weeks, however this is a local craft worth supporting while also preventing harmful chemicals from entering the environment and potentially harming workers.

Produced in India under fair working conditions.

To revive the scent in your eye pillow, simply squeeze the pouch to release the natural oils from the herbs.