Protect Blend

Protect Blend

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"All around is swirling life while I am protected and tranquil."

Do you subconsciously take on the energies of those around you? Have you described yourself or your child as 'sensitive' or an 'empath' before? An empath is someone who easily feels the emotions and energies of other people. Or maybe you class yourself as an introvert because being around others can take its toll sometimes?

Being an empath is a wonderful gift that makes you a very compassionate, understanding and supportive person but often to the point of your own debilitation. To put bluntly, being an empath can be exhausting, draining and can even be an obstacle to your own personal growth.

I have come up with a very protective flower essence blend to help people protect their own personal energy and space. It's why I've called the blend 'Protect' and it's your brand new energy shield!

Perfect for parents, teachers, practitioners, basically anyone who works with the public or within the caring profession and finds their energy is completely drained by the end of the day. 

This is the blend to take before any big events, outings or going anywhere with crowds and even between seeing clients and customers!

Works wonderfully in conjunction with using the Protect Mist.

For Kids: Wonderful for little sensitive souls who feel daunted by school, parties or crowds due to feeling all the feels of those around them.

Emotional State: overwhelm, internal anguish, sensitivity to others

Positive Outcomes: helps regulate your energy intake and output, increase  inner strength, stability and resilience, restoring, take responsibility for healthier boundaries and your own personal space.

Protect blend will act as a filter between your energy and others energy so you don't feel so buffeted by the emotions, thoughts and feelings of the people around you.

Take this blend while imagining a white bubble or energy shield forming around you and you may even want to add the affirmation - "All around is swirling life while I am protected and tranquil."

Come in a fabulous discounted pack too, Protect Pack - The Empath's Toolkit, read more about that here!

Dosage for ages 2 and up - 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.