Marina Necklace

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Marina Necklace

"From the sea"

For all you shell lovers and collectors. A delicate polished shell pendant with engraved detail!

Care Instructions:

  • Please store me in a cool, dry place. Please don’t wear me in chlorinated water, or when working with household chemicals! We want you to be able to wear your treasures for a life time. All of our pieces are made from 925 solid sterling silver. With just a little love and care, they will remain in perfect condition - a staple for you to wear for many, many years.
  • Gold plated pieces are extra special, which means they need a little extra care. They’re made from sterling silver, coated with a 22ct yellow gold plating which is 2 microns thick. 
  • For the best longevity, we recommend taking them off when ever you shower or swim, and avoid them coming into contact with perfume.