Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil

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Made with a combination of magnesium chloride from the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea, together with energised water and aloe vera.

    Wondering where to apply the magnesium for what ailment? 

    We recommend initially applying twice daily. Massage/apply to the following areas of the body.

    Sleep: Legs
    Rejection Stress: 
     Lower back and lower gluteal muscles
    Adrenal Fatigue: 
    Leg and calf muscles
    Sinus Congestion:
     Shoulders and neck
    After evening bath apply to legs, back & belly
    Belly and hips for stretch mark prevention but also emotional & physical stress
    General Pain: 
    Apply direct to that area
    Generally Unwell: 
    Apply to back, shoulders, arms and legs
    Sore Feet/Legs/Hips: 
    Apply three (3) times per day to those areas

    ***Note: If your skin feels irritated when you apply magnesium oil or cream, it means your body is desperate to use it. You are deficient! The irritation will ease after you apply it for a few days. Your blood is rushing to get to the magnesium so it can be put to use.