Diana Necklace

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Diana Necklace

"Ancient roman divinity, Diana, was noted for her beauty"

Our Diana pendant radiates feminine energy. 

Featuring a polished moonstone, set in the centre of a mandala flower. 

She's no doubt a standout!

  • Care Instructions

    Here at Luna & Sol, we want you to be able to wear your treasures for a life time.

    All of our pieces are made from 925 solid sterling silver. With just a little love and care, they will remain in perfect condition - a staple for you to wear for many, many years!


    Our gold plated pieces are extra special, which means they need a little extra care.

    They’re made from sterling silver, coated with a 22ct yellow gold plating which is 2 microns thick. 


    For the best longevity, we recommend taking them off when ever you shower or swim, and avoid them coming into contact with perfume.