Washing Powders And Eczema

Too often I hear "but natural products are so expensive"! But are they really or are we being fooled?!?

Sadly and often laundry liquids are diluted with water and laundry powders with fillers and extenders. Fillers and extenders are designed to bulk out the active ingredients so they can be made and sold cheaper. Some fillers are made up of A few common fillers in your laundry detergent are made up from limestone and chalk. Those little white marks you see on your clothes are in fact left over fillers and extenders stuck in the fibers because they don’t dissolve. They build up a sludge in your machine and stay in your your clothes, towels and bed linen often creating irritation to those with sensitive skin or eczema. Built up laundry detergents over time can take washing a load of laundry 10 times in just water to strip the detergent residue from it! This muck also makes it out into our oceans and waterways never breaking down and precious marine life ingest it.

Below is a demo of what 3 washing powders looked like after being popped into clean recycled jars, shaken and left to sit. The results are obvious. So while supermarket brands may appear cheaper, you are paying for fillers and that's money and toxic ingredients down the drain. For many it causes painful skin irritation also.
Tri Nature Laundry Powder has won best Eco Friendly Product Award twice at the Australian Business Awards. They are made from natural ingredients, free of phosphates, zeolites, fillers and extenders. They completely dissolve with no build up left in your machine or residue on your clothes. And not to mention they are grey water and septic safe as well as being child safe if they were to be ingested or inhaled.
My own personal journey started with Tri Nature laundry powder when my daughter was getting eczema and dry patches all over her body. I didn’t realize until much later that our laundry detergent, even though it was “natural” was irritating her skin. It wasn’t the root cause for her (that was dairy and probably all the antibiotics Dr's gave her but that's another story), but it certainly wasn’t helping either! The thought of all that residue rubbing against my daughter's skin all day had me worried! I got a sample from a nearby consultant and instantly loved it. Soon after I made the switch there was a lot less irritation.

Here is a link to a cost comparison chart of some of our most popular eco friendly products against supermarket brands which may surprise you! Our best selling laundry powder can be purchased here and we also have liquid options. 

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