Starting Your Zero Waste Journey

No Planet B

TIP 1: Re-useable Coffee/Tea Cups

If you’re a one a day coffee drinker, that’s 5-7 cups per week you can save! What's not to love about all the stylish re-usable cup options out there. If you forget your re-usable cup take 5 mins and dine in at your local coffee shop. 

TIP 2: Plastic Bags and Produce Bags

The plastic bag is filling up our oceans, and killing marine life! Its time to make the switch and get your reusable shopping bags happening and remember them! If you forget just pop your items into the boot of your car. It won't take long to remember and make it a habit.

Produce bags are not only great for fruit and veg but also super handy when you shop at bulk food stores for nuts etc. They take up little room and can easily be poured into pantry jars when you get home. Shopping at bulk food stores often saves you money and eliminates extra plastic packaging.  

TIP 3: Composting

If you take away all your recycling for a week, most of the waste your are left with is actually food scraps and items that can be composted.
It can be a  little tricky to know what to choose if you have never done it before as there are now so many options on the market and lots of DIY backyard one's on pintrest. Our's is simply a Willow bin from Bunnings dug into the ground. Anything that our chooks cannot eat goes in there then nourishes our veggie gardens.

TIP 4: Reusable Drink Bottles

We are all about maintaining hydration, so carry a drink bottle with you to avoid nasty plastic bottles when out and about. Some of our fav's are the MontiiCo Stainless Steel and Joco Velvet Glass (coming soon).

TIP 5: Support Minimal Packaging Brands!

Shop at places who use glass, don’t over wrap products, avoid packaging items individually. Bulk food stores like Source Bulk Foods and 2Brothers Foods who have recently gone plastic free are great for all your nuts, seeds and grains. Local farmers markets are great for sourcing all of your fresh produce. Switch to bulk-low tox cleaning products which often saves you money too!

Supporting businesses that consciously aim to reduce waste, means they can continue to provide those services to you.

Start with one or two of these tips and you will be well on your way to make some lasting changes!

Image Credit: Styngvi